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SRL Contracting’s Bathroom Remodeling Checklist – A FREE 12 Step Process for a Great Bathroom Remodel

1. Sit down and think your Bathroom Remodeling Project through. You should consider removing your tub and replacing it with a large shower stall, or if you want to keep the tub layout, consider adding new fixtures. Imagine where new lighting, built in bench seats, and tile niches should be placed. You really need to have a good plan of attack before you start your project. Check out Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for some inspiration. There will be a lot more debris created as result of this project than you expect, so please prepare a dumpster. You’ll be glad that you did.

2. Think about everything that bother you in your existing bathroom, and imagine everything that you’ve always dreamed of having in your new bathroom. Feel free to get creative. This is your chance to really create a beautiful, functional, and unique place inside your home. Don’t worry if things seem a little out there, this part of the planning stage can be very exciting. You can always bring things back down to earth later on if need be.

3. Plan on a complete gut of the entire bathroom down to the studs. This will allow everyone involved easy access to carry out their tasks. Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and tile setters can properly prepare the “foundation” of your project successfully. Gutting your bathroom is something that you can consider doing yourself, but it’s pretty involved, so you may want to leave it to the pros.

4. Make sure that you have all of your tile, marble, granite, and fixtures all picked out and ready to go before you demo your existing bathroom. Lead times and availability are two things that can make or break your bathroom remodeling project. Some items take a few days, and others can take several weeks to receive, so be sure to do your homework.

5. Grab bars are great for safety and convenience. Either used to stabilize yourself when standing or for assistance in rising from a bench seat. Planning early on in the project can allow for the proper blocking required within the wall framing. Placement of the bars should be well thought out as well.

6. This brings us to a bench seat. The seat in a shower can be a great place to rest and a really nice focal point. It can also double as a storage shelf. Shaving can be much easier with a bench seat in place.

7. A place for hooks, towel bars and T.P. holder needs to be thought about. You don’t want these very important essentials to be an afterthought and possibly interfere with a tile pattern or layout.

8. A shampoo niche is both useful and very visually pleasing. As long as it is planned for early in the project, your niche doesn’t have to be very expensive or overly difficult to install.

9. Although it might sound a little crazy, a convenient place for reading material can go a long way. Some of us do a fair amount of reading while in this seat. Why not have a special place for those newspapers, books, and magazines that always find their way into the bathroom?

10. Set up easy access to an alternate location for bathing and essentials during your bathroom upgrade. At the very least, you’ll lose access to the bath being renovated for 5 – 7 days, and it could be much longer depending upon the scope of your project and what’s involved.

11. Be prepared for surprises. The unexpected can be avoided with a full gut of your existing bathroom. This is necessary when water damage to wall studs and subfloors can be identified. Potential plumbing leaks and wiring difficulties can also be found and addressed. Even with those precautions, unknowns can pop up, as is the nature of home remodeling. Try to build in a contingency for potential cost overruns, or add some decorative tile patterns, borders, built in benches of tile niches that you hadn’t originally planned on.

12. Don’t get overwhelmed when considering a bathroom remodeling project. Although there is a lot to think about, the process can be fun, and the finished project will add comfort and value to your home.