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Why You Should Get French Doors Installed

Why You Should Get French Doors Installed

Even though the primary function of a door is simple, you can’t deny that this type of hardware can be considered one of the most iconic parts of a home. Aside from providing you an easy way to enter and leave a home, it also increases your curb appeal.

The French door, for example, is unlike your conventional door installation. Instead of being made entirely out of wood, french doors are built with rectangular glass panes. Because of their design, french doors share a similar function with windows, and they offer the following benefits:

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Increased Home Security

Because of the glass panes, it’s understandable that there are homeowners who fear that french doors can’t fully protect them from unlawful entry. Fortunately, door manufacturers have considered the demands of modern home security and have made sure that their French doors are designed to protect you and your family with built-in shatterproof glass and robust interlocking systems. You can even find French doors that come or are reinforced with steel frames.

Reduced Energy Consumption

The panes of glass also make French doors more energy efficient. When it starts getting cold outside, the doors can invite more sunlight inside so you won’t have to rely on your heating systems as much during winter. As such, your French doors will help you increase your energy savings.

It’s Simply Beautiful

Without a doubt, French doors are stunning and they add an elegant touch to traditional and modern homes. Plus, they're built to help you increase your home’s security and lower electrical consumption.

If you think French doors will improve your home’s comfort levels and aesthetic, contact SRL Contracting today. We are your reliable home improvement company in Northern New Jersey that offers top-notch replacement windows and door installations.

We can also provide other upgrades so that your new french doors or other replacement doors can serve you longer. SRL Contracting is the name to trust. Just give us a call at 973-359-5878 and we will be ready to help you with any of your window and door replacement needs.