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Home Addition Services in New Jersey

It is a known fact that home remodeling and renovation improves both the appearance and quality of your property. But if you are looking to increase your home’s value and functionality, constructing a new home addition is one way to achieve that. Home additions are more than just extra decorations that enhance the way your property looks. These additions have practical uses that are beneficial for you and your lifestyle. However, one of the biggest problems you might encounter is choosing what type of home addition suits your property best, and if you still have no idea what kind of addition to add to your property, contact SRL Contracting for help.

Types of New Home Additions

At SRL Contracting, we offer excellent new home additions to properties located in the areas of northern New Jersey, including (Morristown, Dover, Madison, Clifton, Bloomfield, Bayonne, Parsippany, Wayne, Linden, Plainsfield, Summit, and Fair Lawn). Each of our additions comes with its own distinct advantages, so you have to choose the addition that perfectly fits your lifestyle. Some of our home addition options include:


Are you proud of your green thumb but running out of space for your plants? Then a conservatory might be just what you need. A conservatory is like a sophisticated greenhouse that is attached to your home. The building can accommodate your growing indoor greenery, as well as act as a quiet haven to sit down and rest. Usually, a conservatory is built with glass windows from the walls to the ceiling, but we can use tarpaulin as an alternative roofing material if requested.

Garage Conversion

If you think that your garage is just a waste of space, SRL Construction can finish the room and transform it into an additional living space. We'll help you determine exactly which room is best for your new garage while we carry out the necessary procedures to ensure that your new finished garage can withstand any water or fire-related damages. Your converted garage can become your child’s new play room or a place for you and your guests. The possibilities are endless!


Sunrooms are a good addition if you are looking to add a little bit of sunlight in your indoor space. You don’t have to worry about feeling like you’re in an oven when you’re there, because SRL Contracting uses thermal-resistant glass to make sure that the area stays pleasant and cool. Sunrooms make good viewing spaces as they give you an open, uninterrupted vista of your beautiful garden and the vast blue sky.

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New Room Additions

Adding a new room, be it a bedroom or living room, is a better alternative to moving out of your small home. Additional rooms can also help households that plan to expand the number of children or family members living in that house.

Bump Out

A bump out acts similarly to a room addition in the sense that it gives your home more space, but not in full-scale. A bump out gives you just enough elbow room for that kitchen island you’ve always wanted, or it can expand the width, height, and length of a cramped living space. This addition is cheaper than a room addition since you’re working with a smaller space. But no matter how subtle the room changes are, a bump out increases indoor movement and comfort.

Home additions can only be built by the professionals. So if you want to give your property that extra attachment, contact SRL Contracting at 973-359-5878 and receive a FREE ESTIMATE.

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